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Purple Dogs by MosesKitty11 Purple Dogs :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 2 0 Pilot Toothless by MosesKitty11 Pilot Toothless :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 0 0
Homestuck John x reader: Anything Helps (part 1)
   .... a boy with messy, black hair, buck teeth, and glasses. He held out a cupcake to you.
   "Here, take it," he said. "You need it more than I do." You smiled and gratefully accepted the pastry.
   "Thank you so much!" you beamed.
   "Oh, it's no problem, really." he replied. "My dad always makes WAY too many of these, and quite frankly, I'm sick of them. I suppose I can bring more tomorrow if you'd like!" he said.
   "Well if it's not too much trouble, that would be great." you said.
   "Oh, not at all! So should I just meet you here tomorrow?" he asked.
   "Sure, I'll be here!" you said, grinning. There just might be hope for you yet.
   "Oh, and, um.... what's your name, by the way?" he said rather awkwardly.
   "Oh, sorry!" you said, blushing slightly "It's (f/n) (l/n). And what might your name be?"
   "John Egbert" he replied.
   "Well it was nice meeting you, John!" y
:iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 1 0
Homestuck x reader: Anything Helps (Intro)
   "Broke and hungry, anything helps"
That's what you wrote on the sign you held as you stood on the street corner. Cars sped past.
   "Unhelpful, as always....", you thought. You never thought you would end up like all of the other beggars you had seen in this spot before, but there you were. After getting laid off from your job and not being able to pay rent, saying that you felt sad was an understatement. You felt absolutely hopeless. When you were about to go dumpster diving for anything remotely edible as a last resort, you heard a voice. You looked up to see...
:iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 2 0
I just want to be your friend... by MosesKitty11 I just want to be your friend... :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 4 2 Shhh... I'm reading by MosesKitty11 Shhh... I'm reading :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 2 5 I can has SBURB? by MosesKitty11 I can has SBURB? :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 1 0 Because I ship it! by MosesKitty11 Because I ship it! :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 1 0 Terezi Pyrope by MosesKitty11 Terezi Pyrope :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 0 0 Roxy by MosesKitty11 Roxy :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 0 0 My Crazy Cat by MosesKitty11 My Crazy Cat :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 0 1 Curiosity by MosesKitty11 Curiosity :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 1 0 Victoria 2 by MosesKitty11 Victoria 2 :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 0 0 Wildest Dreams by MosesKitty11 Wildest Dreams :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 0 0 Giffany's favorite song by MosesKitty11 Giffany's favorite song :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 3 4 Angelina 2 by MosesKitty11 Angelina 2 :iconmoseskitty11:MosesKitty11 1 0


Beanies (John x Reader)
Prompt; Imagine Person A wearing a beanie and Person B pulling it over Person A’s eyes and giving them a big slobbery kiss
 You recently came back from an "Autumn shopping trip" with one of your friends. With the cold weather slowly approaching, you wanted to at least wrap up correctly to avoid getting ill (Well, actually, that's what your boyfriend wanted you to do).
With your hands full of bags filled with large sweaters, scarves, and a few hats to boot, you try your best to knock on the door of your house- whom you share with your dorky boyfriend. However, it's hard to see over the pile of bags, so you're reduced to kicking the door gently as not to break it.
"Coming!" A voice muffled by the door calls out, before its swung open. 
John Egbert, said dorky boyfriend from before who you share the house with, stands there before you. You peek up from the bags and give a shy smile. 
He returns his signature grin, befo
:iconcustardbananaflakes:CustardBananaFlakes 25 11
Spider-Man: An Ironic Irony by TheMonkeyYOUWant Spider-Man: An Ironic Irony :iconthemonkeyyouwant:TheMonkeyYOUWant 237 62
Best friend/Superhero Spider-man x Reader
(y/n)- your name
(f/s/f)- favorite street food
(y/f/n)- your full name
(n/n)- nick name
"__(y/n)____!!!!!" Called Peter. "____(y/n)____ WE ARE GONNA BE LATE! HURRY UP!!"
"I'm coming!! God, what crawled up your ass and died?"
Peter and you had been friends for years and today you were both going out to some special Spider-man meet and great. You were exhilarated as Spider-man was your favorite superhero, but you were running late and Peter was getting shitty with you as always. You finally finished getting ready. "Okay, I'm ready. Lets go!" you yelled.
"About time," Peter muttered.
"I heard that asshole!!"
*le magical time skip brought to you by a magical unicorn flying through the sky* (be proud if you got the reference)
You arrived in Times Square and stood in front of the stage where Spider-man would make his appearance. You could barley contain your excitement, letting out a squeak every now and then. Peter went off to get your (f/s/f). All of a sudden you heard squealing and shouti
:iconpboyd5:pboyd5 67 11
Arachnophobic Spider-Man by claudetc Arachnophobic Spider-Man :iconclaudetc:claudetc 618 66 spider-man x charlie brown by m7781 spider-man x charlie brown :iconm7781:m7781 782 118 Retail workers by Son-Neko Retail workers :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 59 23 Miraculous Ladybug Motivational Poster by FrancisJeremyXavyer Miraculous Ladybug Motivational Poster :iconfrancisjeremyxavyer:FrancisJeremyXavyer 34 26 Spiderbug by Son-Neko Spiderbug :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 112 16 Undertale, Frisk by Rosie-Cat-M3ow Undertale, Frisk :iconrosie-cat-m3ow:Rosie-Cat-M3ow 3 4 Why can't I move on? by JaneGumball Why can't I move on? :iconjanegumball:JaneGumball 32 3 SU: The Four Stages of Watching by AliAvian SU: The Four Stages of Watching :iconaliavian:AliAvian 23 1 you've got nothing to fear by RileyAV you've got nothing to fear :iconrileyav:RileyAV 160 2 Just Be Friends by Rosie-Cat-M3ow Just Be Friends :iconrosie-cat-m3ow:Rosie-Cat-M3ow 3 0
I'm Not That Girl[John Egbert x Unrequited!Reader]
You hummed as you idly doodled in your notebook, not really paying attention to the woman teaching in front of your class like you always did. Greek Mytholgy was interesting, but holy hell could your teacher turn it so dry and boring!
You paused from your mission to fill the back of your notebook with stars to sneak a glance at the boy sitting a row infront and three seats to the right of you, a smile filling your lips when you saw his smiling face. Satisfied, you turned back to your mission.
You paused your drawing, looking to your teacher who looked like she was about to explode, although she kept it concealed with a tight smile.
"I hope you've been listening, if you did, then as many of you know, this quarterly project will be done by teams of two, of which I will be assigning right now. I will be announcing your partner, so pay attention."
The whole class groaned, and inwardly you felt annoyed at your teacher, although she quickly stamped it out. You may as we
:icontears-of-regret:Tears-of-Regret 6 0
Do The Thing (John x Reader) [Prologue]
Soulmate AU
(Songstamp: [Cobalt Thief])

    It was a peaceful and silent February night, light snow had fallen a few days before, creating a sort of powdered sugar look over your hometown. It was about two in the morning, so it was less of night than it was morning. However, when it is dark outside, one considers it "night-time" and so that is defense enough I need in my case. Your window was open only a little, enough to let in a comforting cold breeze when one came along. Needless to say, you were asleep, bundled in the bedsheets that hadn't fallen off your bed.
    You were awoken by the sound of your laptop notifying you that someone was attempting to message you. It got annoying rather quick, and was completely unnecessary at this hour. Who could possibly be awake during this time of the day, other than some annoying internet troll? You rubbed your eyes and yawned, slowly reaching over t
:iconswordsnipersinon:SwordSniperSinon 35 23
Peter Parker x musician!Reader~All Around Me
AN:Just going too really quickly say, the song reader-chan sings in this one shot is amazing. So you should totally check it out.
Also, this is the Andrew Garfeild version, not Toby McQuire. And, Gwen and Peter are just friends.And yeah so enjoy.
You were a struggling high school student and an aspiring musician. You played guitar. However, you were a pretty lonely kid. But, that didn't stop you from making a friend. And who might that friend be?
Peter Parker.
Peter Fucking Parker.
You already knew he was Spiderman but not because he told you. With your incredible intuition, you figured it out on your own.
Today wasn't an ordinary day. One of Peter's friends, Gwen Stacey, had managed to snag you a gig at a small coffee shop in town. Gwen Stacey was your only other friend. When she told you, you were squealing like a Japanese school girl who had too much pocky.
With Peter and Gwen in tow, you walked down the New York street with your guitar case
:iconmermaidchick33:mermaidchick33 14 0


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Hi! Sorry that I haven't been posting a lot lately! Anyway, I have some things that I've been working on, so stay tuned! ;)


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Hi!!!!!! I enjoy fangirling about random things, and can usually be found daydreaming. Sure, I'm pretty weird, but after all, normal is just a setting on the dryer! ;D


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